our story


I had just traveled for well over 16 hours today to get from New York to Rexburg. All I wanted was Subway. 

My roommates and I went to Subway, and the cashier asked me about something called 'sub sauce' that we have at Subway in Canada. 

Stranger in line behind me says, "What is sub sauce? I've had Subway in two continents and I've never heard of it."

I said, "Canada has it," and went on ordering my sandwich.

This poor 6'1 blonde stranger was sitting alone, and hating that while also being shy, I told my roommate to invite him to sit with us.

He came and sat with us and ended up coming over that night and then my three roommates, Kelly, and I hung out every single night after that.



Kelly says he's been wondering if we should date or just be friends. I say I think it'd be a good idea to date. 

He says, "I've already thought about it and I don't think we should." I die of embarrassment. 


He asks me on a date because I'm clearly irresistible. 


First date.

First kiss. 


He says 'I love you' accidentally (he was SO mad at himself)


I say 'I love you.' 


He proposes. 


We get married in the Palmyra, NY temple.

So, this is us. 

A 22 year old web design major from Toronto. 

A 24 year old Financial Economics major from Dallas. 

A 6'1 football playing boy who was attracted to tall blondes who married a 5'4 brunette girl who liked 5'10 soccer playing brunettes. 

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