November 28, 2017

the cutest nursery!

We have finally moved and it feels so good to say! I feel like I can finally really decorate the way that I want and that I can finally be proud of my apartment! When we were living in student housing we had those cinderblock walls and it was ROUGH honestly. It wasn't too bad, it was cheap, but it was ugly. I remember setting up Jaxon's nursery and being so proud of it, but wishing I could have had normal walls and a cute rug and just really make it cute! NOW I CAN!

We did have to add a queen bed for when family comes to visit, which I don't like, but in general I'm so happy with how his nursery looks, and especially because of Lorena Canals Rugs! I have wanted one of these rugs FOREVER but I didn't want to even bother with it in the village since it was such an unfortunate nursery anyway, but now that we actually have a cute place for it I couldn't resist! They are machine washable (what?) which is perfect for a family with a dog, and a baby! Already Jax has thrown up on it, but I could just pick it up and throw it in the wash and I have to tell you- greatest feeling eeeeever! 

It is also so so so soft! I'm obsessed with it. I love just laying down with Jax on it and playing with him. But most of all- HOW CUTE IS IT?! I'm in LOVE with how cute it is! It was perfect for the space and I am so so happy with this company and their quality! Go and get yourself a Lorena Canals Rug- you won't regret it! I promise! I've posted about it multiple times on Instagram because I honestly can't tell you how much I love it. I could rave about it forever. I'm going to be using it as a backdrop for MANY a pictures, I can tell you that already!

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