November 27, 2017

the best headphones ever!

Having a baby can be really exhausting and it can be so hard to keep them occupied for the entire day. I've tried all sorts of games and activities. Jax has lots of toys that he really does love playing with, but it seems like they get bored at the exact wrong time. Picture this, I'm starving and Kelly will be home in about an hour and I decide I should probably make dinner or even clean the house even a little bit. Jax is completely happy and content with his toys so I figure that I should probably quickly start getting that stuff done. Then Jax decides he isn't happy and he wants my attention and his toys have now become the most boring toys any child has ever owned. It's the same thing when I want to shower, or literally do anything.

So, in a desperate attempt to not want to die or to actually have a chance to clean myself and the house, I found a few shows Jax likes. First of all, they're not actual SHOWS. Like Jax literally will NOT sit there and watch a Disney movie, a random kids TV show like Little Einsteins, or even the Barney episodes that Kelly and I worshipped when we were his age. Jax only likes 'shows' that are constantly singing. CONSTANTLY. If there is even more than 5 minutes of talking he gets mad and starts screaming until the next song. So, while he'd be happy sitting there watching Disney songs, he can't watch the entire Disney movie without a few fits.

I always told myself that I wasn't going to be the mom that let her kid sit in front of the TV, and I really try to avoid it. I try and take him for walks, or read with him, and I always try and sit there and play with his toys with him. But it just gets to a point where you need to keep your sanity and a healthy amount of hygiene, so in come these shows he loves.

The hardest part EVER though is that Jax flies a lot. Kelly's family lives in Dallas and my family lives in Toronto, so as you can imagine- we are flying all over the place all of the time. Jax has already flown to Dallas twice and Toronto once, and back. In about 2.5 weeks I'm flying with him to Calgary and back for my brother's wedding. He hates flights recently. Hates them. I always do the basic 'feed him while taking off and descending so his ears don't pop,' I have Puffs, bottles, toys, blankets, and his pacifiers, but it gets to a point where he's just DONE sitting in my lap and throws a fit.

But I didn't want to annoy everybody on the flight with hearing 20 different versions of the Wheels on the Bus and songs about washing your hands after you poop. They didn't want to hear that. So, I went on a search for some headphones for him and it was SUCH a frustrating task. Obviously I couldn't use in-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones would eventually just be ripped off his head and turned into a new teething toy my innovative boy invented.

I took to the Internet and I found CozyPhones on their website. I LITERALLY freaked out! I was SOOOOOOOOO in love with them. I texted Kelly a picture and told him all about how they were a headband that is also headphones. I had never thought about something like this. It literally struck me as pure genius and I was obsessed. I ordered them and they arrived in the mail a few days later and my life was changed.

First of all, how FREAKING CUTE ARE THESE HEADPHONES? I put them on him and may have freaked out about how cute he looked in them. A little fox on his head? Are you kidding me? Just the most brilliant and adorable idea. He immediately loved them. It didn't take any convincing whatsoever. I gave him my phone with one of his shows with constant music, and he was hooked.

Then just to make the whole situation better, we traveled to Dallas and back this past week for Thanksgiving. So, this was the real reason I wanted to get these headphones for him, and I was so excited to try them out. Well........ they were SUCH a hit. He'd be screaming for who knows what reason, and I'd throw the headphones on him and he was so content.

I hate flying. I hated it before I had Jax. I hated it. So, when I had Jax I knew it was going to be brutal in a whole new way and I was dreading it. This made my life so much easier. I'm significantly dreading our trip to Calgary in a couple of weeks so much less, and if you ask me- anything that makes life as a parent easier is a win!

So, thank you CozyPhones for making my life easier. Thank you for making me dread flights significantly less with Jaxon. Thank you for being a lifesaver!