September 08, 2017

such a chill little babe

I have honestly been blessed with such a good little sleeper. It wasn't always that way though. It was kind of a mess when he first came home and at one point he was waking up every two hours. And honestly, what is most important to a mom? Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

I am such a more patient person when I've had a good nights sleep. I'm nicer to Kelly, to Jax, and to the dog even haha. I didn't realize how much I depend on sleep until I wasn't getting any. It can be brutal. So, we eventually got a DockATot and let me tell you how much it changed my life! Like I could go on and on and ON about all of the amazing things about the DockATot, but I'll just do a few.

First of all, I completely trust it! He snuggles Jaxon up so well, but it's breathable so I don't have to worry about any kind of suffication whatsoever.

It's so comfy (like I could sleep in this thing).

It's so portable. When we went to Texas back in May we just brought it in our suitcase and Jax slept incredibly regardless of being somewhere other than home. It was amazing.

We would bring it outside to play and he loved it.

Honestly, it's incredible. So much so that there was no way we would be able to give it up once Jax grew out of it, because he did (this kid grows like a freaking weed). So, we upgraded to the Grand and it's EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE!

It's huge first of all, so I literally can lay in it completely comfortably.

He can lay on the edge of it and watch TV, or just chill outside. It still snuggles him so nicely and it's so convenient to just have around. He can comfortably lay there and he is so happy about it. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about the DockATot. The Deluxe+ starts at $160 and the Grand starts at $260 and it's so worth it. They have completely changed our lives in the best possible way!

They offer a toy arch for the Deluxe+ which is incredible and I really wish we had gotten it for Jax, since he loves toys. They have lots of different patterns for the DockATot and you can even take off the cover to wash it, and buy extra ones to have around.

It's perfect. I'm obsessed, and so is Jax!

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