August 28, 2017

trying to relax!

Guys real talk I am never really relaxed I've realized. When I have literally 30-60 minutes to myself I'm usually cleaning, cooking, working out, taking Ollie out- all of that super fun stuff that is not even a little bit relaxing. I also have pretty intense anxiety, which makes it a thousand times harder to just simply relax even when I do have a moment to do so.

I literally rely on baths for any kind of relaxing time. I go ham too. I do bath bombs, and bubble bath, I have candles, I have Netflix on my phone so I can watch FRIENDS which can cause some stress sometimes (they WERE on a break... why does Richard confess his love to Monica when Chandler wants to propose?!?!??) Anyway... I love them. I LOVE them. I live for them. When I was pregnant I had a bath bomb bath probably twice or three times a week and it completely saved me.

Between Kelly living away from me, moving, being crazy pregnant I was stressed out of my mind and that 20-30 minutes I had in the bath was completely refreshing. I could stop thinking so much and just spend some time to myself (and let me tell you- bath bombs are GREAT for stretch marks since they moisture the water so much). Now that I have a baby, like I said, I never have two minutes to myself that I'm not doing something, but when Kelly is home and can take care of Jax- or if he decides to go to bed fairly early I take the time I have an I have a bath, with a bath bomb almost always.

 But I'll be honest with you- I can't afford the amount of bath bombs that I want. They can get pricey... I mean, $9 a bath is kind of insane for 30 minutes of pleasure, but I do it anyway. I am always on the search for a cheaper alternative though, because I am not willing to give up those baths whatsoever, but I have definitely got to find a most cost effective way to take such a great bath.

That's when I came across Rocky Mountain Rinse and I can't tell you how excited I was about it! Their bath bombs are $2.95 each (yeah I'm serious) and they are amazing! They're made fresh in Colorado Springs and they are made with 100% pure essential oils and they don't use any artificial dyes or scents which makes them completely safe, so I actually let Jax use one tonight since he was having a particularly bad day and I needed something to just calm him down haha. They are incredible and I was so pleasantly surprised at how great they made me feel for such a good price!

I'm all about essential oils, especially lavender so being able to put it into a bath is such a great feeling and I love that I can trust them with my kid and even with myself! I hate having to worry about what kind of crap is being put into something that is covering my entire body- the last thing you want to do when you're trying to relax is worry about what kind of stuff happening.

It comes with a chart showing you what each bath bomb is best used for.

Sangre (Lavender + Tea Tree) is best for sore muscles. 
Marcellina (Peppermint + Cypress + Lavender) is best for aches and pains.
Hesperus (Eucalyptus + Peppermint) is best for sinus pressure.
Almagre (Chamomile + Lavender) is best to relax and sleep (this is the one I used for Jax). 

Seriously, we have really hard jobs being moms. It's straining and it can be really difficult to find time to relax and just have time for ourselves. Do yourself a favour and get a bath bomb and take 30 minutes to yourself- it is SO important to not forget about yourself when you're a mother, it can lead to depression and make life even more difficult!

Check out Rocky Mountain Rinse on Instagram and their website here! You'll thank yourself!

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