August 27, 2017

so ready for fall

Kelly and I spent the day yesterday just wandering downtown which I'm always down with, because I honestly love living so close to downtown. Seriously... when I lived in Rexburg it was brutal living so far from any kind of downtown, so I love being able to be this close. Every so often I'll go downtown on the bus with Jax and we'll meet Kelly at work. I just love being down there.

So, Pink Blush has officially starting bringing out their fall kind of clothes like this sweater which is the CUTEST and the most perfect fall colours and I jumped on it so fast (they are a trendy online boutique with the cutest maternity and non-maternity clothes btw- I wore them pregnant all the time and I could rave about them for days). This sweater is definitely not made for the kind of weather that we were having yesterday, but I really didn't care. I'm lowkey hoping that if I can manage to wear fall type clothing, and buy all the fall candles and handsoaps, and start making pumpkin flavored things that fall will come sooner.

It probably won't work.

But we can pretend.

My house will soon be smelling like fall. As of right now I just have fall smelling handsoap in my bathroom, and I'm wearing sweaters in 30 degree weather and that's good enough for me.

There is the cutest little coffee shop downtown just like a two minute walk from Kelly's office so we stopped in there for random cute coffee shop pictures and hot chocolate and cookies. It's honestly just tiny and super sweet and I loved it. Like they had letterboards for their menu and a neon 'Coffee' sign, are you kidding me? Is that not the cutest little tumblr thing you've ever seen? I'm all about that life.

And I guess Dick's sporting goods was having like a party thing going on at Gallivan Center and there was the cutest little water display thing that Jax was obsessed with. He looooooves anything involving rain or water, so he was so in love with staring at it. It was adorable. I love finding things that Jax loves so much.

that double chin tho.

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