July 19, 2017

lollipop baby monitor review!

OOOOOHKAY I'm going to get real with you guys! A good monitor is really hard to come by. Kelly's step-mom Shae sent us a super great quality one when Jax was first born, and I loved it, but when I had the chance to review this Lollipop Baby Monitor I had to jump at it. A monitor is a super crucial thing to have when you have a new baby, and since Jax has been sleeping in his crib by himself I really wanted to make sure I could keep an eye on him at all times.

You can purchase the Lollipop monitor on Amazon (with Prime) for $149.00 here, it comes in turquoise, yellow (pistachio), and pink (cotton candy). They're all just the cutest colours.

The Lollipop Baby Monitor, first of all, comes in probably the cutest packaging I've ever seen. It's completely great quality and the cutest colours and the packaging makes sooooo much sense. Everything is super nicely fitted into this gorgeous box. It comes with everything that you could possibly need including the cord for it, a wall mount, the monitor, AND they even have wall mounts for the cord to go through. You use a coin to push the cord into the wall mount so that the wires aren't flying everywhere... are you kidding me? How smart is that?

The monitor can be twisted around the edge of the crib and it's perfect. If you want the wall mount, use it- stick it against the wall and wrap the monitor around it, or just wrap it around your crib, which is what I did- and it worked perfectly and it's so cute. You can turn it and adjust it so that it has the perfect angle for you to see your little baby at!

After you've received the baby monitor you can download the Lollipop app and get everything set up. It is VERY easy to set up. They tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get it to work, so there is no guessing what steps to do next. The app is great quality too, it's not complicated whatsoever so it's not hard to find the monitor live view or figure out your way around. You can use the app to play music through the monitor, to speak through the monitor, and you can share the live view with whoever you want. When Kelly is at work he can actually go onto the app and see what's going on with Jax. The app will also notify you when the baby is crying, and it has the option to see the peaks when your baby wakes up through the night.


Also, look at the quality of this monitor! It's such great quality and this is the nighttime view! Can you believe the nighttime view could be this good?! A lot of other monitors have the blue nighttime view, which can make it really hard to see what is going on. You can also zoom in, which is aaaaawesome since I'm paranoid and if Jax is quiet too long I zoom in to see if he's still breathing.

To sum up, I'm obsessed with this monitor.

The actual camera itself is incredible quality and is not even slightly cheaply made. It's great quality! Not to mention the quality of the actual monitor view and the app. Everything works together so well and it's so easy to use. I love it so much! If you're looking for a great quality monitor for a decent price, definitely check out the Lollipop Baby Monitor- I promise you won't regret it!

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