July 17, 2017

jaxon's blessing + a pink blush dress!


Jaxon and I flew down to Toronto on July 7th and Kelly came down on the 13th. We had so much fun! We went down to Palmyra to see the Pageant and to see the temple where Kelly and I got married- it was incredible to see that temple with our little baby. We have come so far from our wedding day back in October 2014. What an insane few years!

Then on the 16th we got to finally bless Jaxon in my home ward in Creditview, and it was amazing. I loved hearing what Kelly had to say about our little boy and the kind of man he will become. I loved having my family and friends around to celebrate my baby boy! It was such an incredible day and I'm so grateful that we were able to go over to Toronto and be with my family.

For his blessing I wore this dress from Pink Blush Maternity and LEMME TELL YOU- it's perfect! It's so comfortable and flowy and I got compliments from basically everyone that came to his blessing. The colours are so unique and the pattern is so much fun! I'm seriously obsessed with this dress. Pink Blush has cute women, plus-sized, and cute maternity clothes and they're all ADORABLE! I was obsessed with them when I was pregnant and I'm just as obsessed since having Jaxon. They have the cutest clothes, which is reaaaally hard to find when you're pregnant.

I am a ridiculously awkward model, but I needed to show off this dress. So, regardless of my awkward attempt to model it perfectly the dress still made it look amazing.

How cute and flowy is this dress?!?!?????

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