May 15, 2017

pinkblush mom fashion

For Mother's Day Kelly and I went downtown SLC to City Creek (which was empty on Sunday which was awesome) and took some Mother's Day pictures! I loved taking pictures with Jaxon and actually feeling pretty for the first time in a while.

I was obsessed with PinkBlush when I was pregnant with Jaxon. They have literally the cutest and most fashionable maternity clothes you can find, because as you know - it's nearly impossible to find cute maternity clothes that don't make you feel huge or actually make you look pretty! That's why PinkBlush was my favourite maternity clothes go-to shop. It had the cutest clothes that could be worn whether you're pregnant or not!

This dress is actually a maternity dress, but I fell in loooooove with it to just wear all the time. It's so flowy and comfortable and it's so freaking cute! I styled it just simple flats and a super cute simple necklace for just a day to day kind of look, but you can do so much more! Add some heels or wedges, a fancy necklace and earrings and you can rock this day or night! The flowy material is perfect for the hot summer weather we have coming our way.. especially if you're pregnant, because we all know how hot you get in the summer when you're carrying around a person.

You'd never suspect that it was actually a maternity dress, it just seems like a flowy and fun floral dress for the summer! The other time in my life I've ever felt 'not pretty' is right after having a baby and it's honestly been pretty hard finding something that I felt comfortable and pretty in, but this dress did it! Since it's flowy it covered up the postpartum belly that I'm so desperate to hide hahah, but if you are pregnant it'll fit your big growing belly! It's just perfect! So, check out PinkBlush whether you're pregnant or not because I prooooomise you that you'll fall in love with EVERYTHING they have.

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  1. You look great here. Love the sandals as well. Your little one is just too precious!!!