May 17, 2017

feeling classy for father's day & A GIVEAWAY!

Before Kelly and I got married he had always dreaded Father's Day. It was not a happy day for him, and without going into a lot of detail, I'll just leave it at: there wasn't much to celebrate. It didn't seem to get much better after we got married either. Father's Day two years ago was genuinely so discouraging for both of us. Less than 3 weeks before Father's Day we had miscarried at 12 weeks pregnant and it was miserable to go church and to go into the stores and see all of the cards and gift bags for 'fathers.' Kelly felt like a father since he had been expecting to actually become a father, and since he'd seen the ultrasound it was actually starting to feel real. Last year Father's Day wasn't nearly happy or exciting either. We'd been trying for a while and had actually had our second miscarriage about a month earlier. So far in our marriage Father's Day has been pretty miserable and it's been hard to be happy during it, and that's why I really wanted to make sure that this Father's Day was really special for Kelly! We finally had our little boy that he could hold in his arms this year, and he finally had something to celebrate: being a father himself.

I wanted to make sure that I got him something that he'd love, but would never actually buy for himself. Every once in a while when we'd go into stores he'd look at the watches and talk about how classy they were, but he'd never say 'I think we should buy one,' he'd just leave it at how classy he thought they were and leave it at that! Remembering those times I knew that getting him a watch for Father's Day would be perfect! He loves wooden watches and so JORD Watches (pronounced YODE) was the perfect type of watches for him! They have men's and women's watches that you can look at here!

These watches are ridiculously classy and they make his suit look even more formal, and it makes whatever casual outfit he's wearing for work or just when we're going out look completely classy! It's SUCH A cool watch! He looooves it! And since it's so classy I'm actually hosting a giveaway with JORD to give someone $100 to the shop, and everybody who enters that doesn't win still gets $25 to the shop! Whaaaat?! Giveaway closes June 18th, 2017! You can enter to win a men's watch or a women's watch, but regardless you'll be entering to receive such a classy and unique watch.

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  1. What a well written blog post, I loved it! As for the watch, what a great Father's Day Gift! :)

  2. Beautiful watch, beautiful blog and even more beautiful story!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I love this Jord watch. Very classy for sure.