May 14, 2017

a perfect mother's day

Last year for Mother's Day I wrote a blogpost called "A 'Should Be' Mother." I talked about the struggles that we were going through with trying to get pregnant, and also trying to keep a pregnancy. We were always pretty fortunate with being able to conceive decently easily, but so far we were 0-2 for successful pregnancies and Mother's Day was ridiculously painful for that reason. This year I can't even stand how grateful I am for this little boy.

I have never fully understood a love like this. He keeps me up most of the night, I'm tired and cranky 90% of the time, but the second that little boy looks me in the eyes I can't feel anything but love. All of the frustration and exhaustion disappears as soon as he gives me his perfect little gumless smile.

Let's also talk about my husband.

I can't even fully explain to you how amazing he is every single day, but he really outdid himself for this Mother's Day. When he asked me what I wanted for a gift I just said, 'sleep,' because yes I love Jaxon, yes I love that he made me a mother, but I'm a mother 364 days of the year and for Mother's Day I wanted to be a mother... but I wanted to be a mother who actually got to sleep that night. So, all I wanted was for Kelly to take care of Jaxon on Saturday night before Mother's Day.

Yesterday Kelly asked if we could go and visit one of his mission friends at some hotel he was staying at like 15 minutes from our house, so I got Jaxon all dressed and we drove over there.

As we're getting to the door Kelly says, "I have a confession to make," and takes out a door key. He opens the door and my bathrobe is there, a Lush bath bomb, my comfiest clothes, my computer already connected to the wifi, my camera, my phone charger, a Willow Tree, and a chocolate bar. He got me a hotel room for Mother's Day so I could relax, take a bath, and sleep!

How does he manage to be so perfect?! I had this incredible night getting stuff done that I've wanted to do for weeks, and I slept a solid 9 hours which I haven't done in 2 months hahah. Like whaaaaat? In the morning we went for a walk on a trail behind the hotel and honestly... just the most PERFECT MOTHERS DAY THERE EVER WAS!

I love my little family so much and honestly I couldn't be more grateful to have them.

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