May 30, 2017

finn + emma pj's and rattle!

Oooookay! The second I found out I was pregnant I was clearly on the hunt for the cutest things to get my little boy and the cutest toys! I found Finn + Emma & found their rattles and I dieeeddd. Their rattles are hand knit and made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton! The dyes and inks are eco-friendly and their stuffed with sheep's wool. They are so organic and okay for babies to play with!

Jaxon is legit obsessed with it too! He'll grab onto it (as much as he can grab) and when I shake it and it rattles he gets all excited and starts kicking and cooing. He loooves it as much as a 2.5 month old can love a toy and I love that it's so safe for him to play with, and since the dyes and inks are organic I don't have to worry about him putting it in his mouth which is such a relief.

Finn + Emma is amazing for sooo many other things as well! They have wooden teething toys made from Indian hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax, and they feature a phtalate-free rattle inside! They also have play gyms with the cuuuutest toys & have corresponding play mats for them! AAANNNDDD they have muslin blankets (as if those couldn't get better). Honestly, this company is amazing.

The other thing I'm in love with in particular from Finn + Emma is their pajamas! Look how cute Jax looks in them! Their garments are made with buttery soft organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes- again with the safe dyes! Sooo amazing! Their snaps on the pajamas are also lead/nickel free and they have real coconut inserts! They have a generous fit too- so that they can be worn for even longer! In these pictures Jax is in a 0-3 month outfit and it is very loose on him, but soo comfy! He loves it and he loves that it isn't tight, and even though he recently moved into 3-6 sleepers it's amazing that he can wear this for so long! It slides over his head and snaps on the bottom! It's super cute and it has the fold over mittens, which is great because Jax always scratches his face and always throws off any mittens we put on him!

To sum up, I'm obsessed with this company and it is so nice to be able to get something for my baby boy that I don't have to worry about having a negative impact on him. He doesn't get rashes from the outfit, he can put things in his mouth without me naturally freaking out etc. I love them!

Save 10% on Organic Baby Clothes & Toys at Finn + Emma.

May 17, 2017

feeling classy for father's day & A GIVEAWAY!

Before Kelly and I got married he had always dreaded Father's Day. It was not a happy day for him, and without going into a lot of detail, I'll just leave it at: there wasn't much to celebrate. It didn't seem to get much better after we got married either. Father's Day two years ago was genuinely so discouraging for both of us. Less than 3 weeks before Father's Day we had miscarried at 12 weeks pregnant and it was miserable to go church and to go into the stores and see all of the cards and gift bags for 'fathers.' Kelly felt like a father since he had been expecting to actually become a father, and since he'd seen the ultrasound it was actually starting to feel real. Last year Father's Day wasn't nearly happy or exciting either. We'd been trying for a while and had actually had our second miscarriage about a month earlier. So far in our marriage Father's Day has been pretty miserable and it's been hard to be happy during it, and that's why I really wanted to make sure that this Father's Day was really special for Kelly! We finally had our little boy that he could hold in his arms this year, and he finally had something to celebrate: being a father himself.

I wanted to make sure that I got him something that he'd love, but would never actually buy for himself. Every once in a while when we'd go into stores he'd look at the watches and talk about how classy they were, but he'd never say 'I think we should buy one,' he'd just leave it at how classy he thought they were and leave it at that! Remembering those times I knew that getting him a watch for Father's Day would be perfect! He loves wooden watches and so JORD Watches (pronounced YODE) was the perfect type of watches for him! They have men's and women's watches that you can look at here!

These watches are ridiculously classy and they make his suit look even more formal, and it makes whatever casual outfit he's wearing for work or just when we're going out look completely classy! It's SUCH A cool watch! He looooves it! And since it's so classy I'm actually hosting a giveaway with JORD to give someone $100 to the shop, and everybody who enters that doesn't win still gets $25 to the shop! Whaaaat?! Giveaway closes June 18th, 2017! You can enter to win a men's watch or a women's watch, but regardless you'll be entering to receive such a classy and unique watch.

Watch Gift Ideas

May 15, 2017

pinkblush mom fashion

For Mother's Day Kelly and I went downtown SLC to City Creek (which was empty on Sunday which was awesome) and took some Mother's Day pictures! I loved taking pictures with Jaxon and actually feeling pretty for the first time in a while.

I was obsessed with PinkBlush when I was pregnant with Jaxon. They have literally the cutest and most fashionable maternity clothes you can find, because as you know - it's nearly impossible to find cute maternity clothes that don't make you feel huge or actually make you look pretty! That's why PinkBlush was my favourite maternity clothes go-to shop. It had the cutest clothes that could be worn whether you're pregnant or not!

This dress is actually a maternity dress, but I fell in loooooove with it to just wear all the time. It's so flowy and comfortable and it's so freaking cute! I styled it just simple flats and a super cute simple necklace for just a day to day kind of look, but you can do so much more! Add some heels or wedges, a fancy necklace and earrings and you can rock this day or night! The flowy material is perfect for the hot summer weather we have coming our way.. especially if you're pregnant, because we all know how hot you get in the summer when you're carrying around a person.

You'd never suspect that it was actually a maternity dress, it just seems like a flowy and fun floral dress for the summer! The other time in my life I've ever felt 'not pretty' is right after having a baby and it's honestly been pretty hard finding something that I felt comfortable and pretty in, but this dress did it! Since it's flowy it covered up the postpartum belly that I'm so desperate to hide hahah, but if you are pregnant it'll fit your big growing belly! It's just perfect! So, check out PinkBlush whether you're pregnant or not because I prooooomise you that you'll fall in love with EVERYTHING they have.

May 14, 2017

a perfect mother's day

Last year for Mother's Day I wrote a blogpost called "A 'Should Be' Mother." I talked about the struggles that we were going through with trying to get pregnant, and also trying to keep a pregnancy. We were always pretty fortunate with being able to conceive decently easily, but so far we were 0-2 for successful pregnancies and Mother's Day was ridiculously painful for that reason. This year I can't even stand how grateful I am for this little boy.

I have never fully understood a love like this. He keeps me up most of the night, I'm tired and cranky 90% of the time, but the second that little boy looks me in the eyes I can't feel anything but love. All of the frustration and exhaustion disappears as soon as he gives me his perfect little gumless smile.

Let's also talk about my husband.

I can't even fully explain to you how amazing he is every single day, but he really outdid himself for this Mother's Day. When he asked me what I wanted for a gift I just said, 'sleep,' because yes I love Jaxon, yes I love that he made me a mother, but I'm a mother 364 days of the year and for Mother's Day I wanted to be a mother... but I wanted to be a mother who actually got to sleep that night. So, all I wanted was for Kelly to take care of Jaxon on Saturday night before Mother's Day.

Yesterday Kelly asked if we could go and visit one of his mission friends at some hotel he was staying at like 15 minutes from our house, so I got Jaxon all dressed and we drove over there.

As we're getting to the door Kelly says, "I have a confession to make," and takes out a door key. He opens the door and my bathrobe is there, a Lush bath bomb, my comfiest clothes, my computer already connected to the wifi, my camera, my phone charger, a Willow Tree, and a chocolate bar. He got me a hotel room for Mother's Day so I could relax, take a bath, and sleep!

How does he manage to be so perfect?! I had this incredible night getting stuff done that I've wanted to do for weeks, and I slept a solid 9 hours which I haven't done in 2 months hahah. Like whaaaaat? In the morning we went for a walk on a trail behind the hotel and honestly... just the most PERFECT MOTHERS DAY THERE EVER WAS!

I love my little family so much and honestly I couldn't be more grateful to have them.

May 11, 2017

messy bun & getting stuff done

How UNBELIEVABLY cute and accurate is this shirt?!
It's from So Modish Boutique and it's amaaaazing. It's honestly so soft I was amazed. They don't just have graphic tees though. They have the cutest leggings, accessories, and shirts ever honestly, ANNNDD if you use the coupon code 'Lauryn15' at checkout you can get 15% off your entire purchase, and they have Free Shipping in the US. So, run, don't walk over there.

Aaaanyway, Jaxon is officially two months old on Sunday and I can't even believe it. Half of me is stoked because it means he's starting to learn so many new things and he's growing up so much! He's sleeping better [well, sorta], he's so much more fun to talk to and interact with, he's smiling, he's making cute sounds that I'm going to continue to pretend are laughs until he actually does start laughing, he's learning to put himself to sleep, and he's just incredible. On the other hand I'm low-key so pissed off that my little baby boy is growing up. I mean, he's supposed to stay little and depend on me forever, and I'm just not ready for him to start becoming his own man. Honestly every single time he does something new I cry a little bit because of all of the mixed emotions that I feel about it.

But I also CANNNOOOTTTTT believe that I'm two months postpartum honestly. Somewhat disappointed that my body didn't snap right back and that I still have a little tubby little tummy. I'm upset the stretch marks I have haven't faded yet. I'm upset my hips are little wider. I'm upset about how messy my house gets literally 20 minutes after I finally clean everything.

To be fair, I most def have unrealistic expectations. I mean, I grew an 8lb person inside of me for 9 months and pushed him out of a sensitive area and therefore there is NOOOO realistic way that my body is just going to snap back from that. Two months postpartum is nooooothing.

I am getting the hang of everything a little bit more though.

I rely heavily on Dr. Pepper and going to Sodalicious or Swig to get dirty sodas because oh my gooooooosh they're so good. And they're sugar cookies? Laced with cocaine....? They very well might be, they're that good. I think I could honestly live off of dirty Dr. Pepper and frosted sugar cookies, but that probably won't help the whole 'my stomach isn't getting smaller' situation.

Aside from caffeine I put makeup on top of makeup because if I can lay down and fall asleep with Jax at nighttime there is NO WAY I'm getting up just to wash my face. So, the next morning I either just let the makeup fade like a disgusting human being, or if we need to go somewhere I just reapply eyeliner onto the faded one from the day before... and sometimes 3 days before, but whatever.

I go about 5 days without washing my hair, so I also rely heavily on dry shampoo to look even SOMEWHAT decent. My hair in this picture up there ^^^^^ day 5 without washing. I shower, relax, but it's like a 3 minute shower in between all of the things I have to do.

The other day I actually did laundry but had no time to fold it, so my poor husband is going to have A LOT of wrinkly shirts.

I still do my Etsy business every so often, but in between Jaxon crying and the fact that if I don't do the dishes I honestly believe that my head will explode from being so disgusted- I hardly have time to reply to texts from my mom or Kelly, let alone people wanting me to help them with their blog.

You know what the most satisfying feeling in the WOOORLD is though? Having stuff get done. Every so often (probably like 4 or 5 times since he's been born) I'll be sitting in my glider with Jaxon asleep in my arms, or taking a bottle, regardless- he's calm. He's calm and the dishes are done, the laundry is folded and put away, the living room is clean, the bed is made, he's changed and bathed, I remembered the ointment for his eczema, and I may have actually showered that day.

Sooooometimes I throw my hair up in a messy bun and get to work and actually get stuff done.

Just look at this little face though.
I can hardly stand it.

(We had JUST buckled him in- I normally have the buckle higher on his chest, I promise).