April 13, 2017

ONE MONTH OLD! [and so many photos]

I would be completely lying if I said I wasn't bawling writing out this blog post and looking at these pictures, because I honestly cannot even believe that this little boy is already one month old. The first two weeks of his life when he was in the NICU seemed to drag on like crazy, but at the same time we were so busy and preoccupied they also kind of flew by. These last 2.5 weeks of having him home have been incredible, hard and sleepless, but incredible. We are obsessed with every last bit of him. 
So, here are a few things about little baby Jax that you probably definitely want to know about, and that I want to remember when I look back on this one day, because I've checked and there's no way to stop time to keep him from getting older, so I'm stuck with just looking back one day when he disobeys me and grows up.

Baby Jaxon has reflux, which is probably one of the hardest things to deal with for multiple reasons. One, of course, being that he can't sleep laying down on his back, so the super expensive bassinet that we bought him has become completely useless. He sleeps in his MamaRoo swing, which I'm not super fond of, but he definitely loves it! One of the only things that will calm him down if he's having issues with reflux and screaming is taking a bath [before I took the picture above I just put him in the bath after he spent a solid 40 minutes screaming with nothing making him feel better]. He loves the warmth. I didn't just put that towel on him for the picture, he loves having it on his belly and he puts him arm in the water the entire time. 

Another thing that I couldn't live without [and sometimes will calm him down] is his WubbaNub. We had 5 of them until Ollie chewed them up, but we still have two left and I'm going to do everything to keep these safe, because he looooooooves them. When he was in the hospital they'd give him pacifiers all the time, so he's gotten pretty use to having them. The WubbaNub is gnarly because it's weighted so it'll stay on his chest and it's easier for him to find it when he pushes it out of his mouth. Yes, he'll push it out himself and then scream until he finds it again. 

Speaking of Ollie- he looves loves LOVES his new baby brother! He'll be next to him at all times. He's constantly kissing his face or his feet, and when Jaxon is screaming Ollie follows me as I hold him or he just lays down under the table [which is where he goes when he's sad or in trouble]. If Ollie is in a different room than Jax and he's screaming we can hear him cry and see his nose under the door. He is so gentle with him and just adores him. Sometimes when he's kissing his feet Jax will kick him and Ollie doesn't react at all, he just keeps giving kisses. He might miss the constant attention from us, but he does not hold it against Jaxon.

Jax loves holding onto things and always has to have something in his grasp, but ideally he wants one of our hands. He'll grab on so tight and if he could he would keep our hands in his while he sleeps all night. It's pretty freaking adorable honestly. 

Jaxon also LOVES music and no matter how much he's screaming he will immediately calm down if you start playing songs. He will lay there completely content for quite a while if you have music playing. He just loves it, and it makes me so happy.

So, here's a few more pictures of him I took for his one month birthday!

[Those eyes tho]

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