March 21, 2017

1 Week Update & Birth Story!

We just got back from the hospital with so much great news about Jaxon, and I wanted to update everybody on how he is doing, and I figured that since I'm writing this update anyway that I would include his birth story since I haven't shared it yet!

Jaxon is a week old as of 2:38pm today and he is doing so well considering everything that is going on. As soon as he was born he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which basically just requires about 7 days or so of antibiotics. Yesterday they did a spinal tap on him to see if he had meningitis on top of his pneumonia- it's not a huge deal since they had him on the meningitis dose of antibiotics from the beginning just in case. The course of treatment for meningitis is about 14-30 days or so, so we were really really hoping that he didn't have it since we want to take him home earlier.

So, today we went in terrified to hear the results of the spinal tap that they did yesterday and we got only good news! They're taking him off the ventilator since he's breathing so well on his own, they've taken down his oxygen levels significantly, and they took out his art-line and his IV. They did find out that he has meningitis as well, although based on how well he's doing with moving around and how his levels are doing they are only going to run the antibiotics for 14 days, so we are halfway done and he should be out in one more week! Also, since he's getting off the ventilator and his art-line we will most likely be able to hold him tonight! Kelly hasn't held him at all since he's been born, so I am actually more excited to see him hold Jax than actually holding him myself.

Anyway, here's his birth story!

On the morning of March 14th, 2017 I woke up at around 5:45am when Kelly's alarm went off and I went to the bathroom. Once I got back into bed I was shaking like crazy, because it was so cold in our apartment, so I asked Kelly to turn up the heat when he got up. He came back to bed a little concerned since it actually wasn't cold at all. He decided not to leave for work for a while because I also really wasn't feeling well. I had a huge headache, I was nauseous and hungry, but the idea of eating made me even more nauseous.

At around 6:30 we went out and woke my mom up and they both wrapped me in blankets since I was still freezing. Jax wasn't moving much at all either, so they gave me a popsicle since he usually moves around with those, but eventually I just felt too sick and cold, so my mom suggested I take a bath to raise my body temperature.

At around 7:00 I was in the bath and I started having really intense pain out of nowhere! I'm talking out of NOWHERE. Kelly came in and helped me get out of the tub, but I was dyyyyiiinnggg, but couldn't tell if they were contractions or not. I put my hands up against the wall and my mom came in and basically put her hands on my stomach when I'd start screaming to feel if my stomach was hardening to see if they were contractions, and they were. They were about every 1-2 minutes, but only lasted about 30 seconds, but I was in so much pain that Kelly called the hospital and asked if they'd admit me even though they weren't super long contractions.

They told us we could come in so we got into the car and drove over as quickly as we could, and got there at around 8:00. As soon as we walked into labor and delivery I motioned for a trash can and I threw up immediately into it- and the nurse said, 'You must be Lauryn, your husband said you were in a lot of pain.' hahahahaaaaa yes, get me a room...  We got into the room and she checked me immediately and I was at 4cm dilated and 90% effaced, than the nurse started giving me my IV to give me some kind of pain medicine since I was basically dying. My contractions were SO painful, but I'm not kidding- the nurse spent at least 10 minutes trying to get my IV into my hand and she was making jokes and stuff and I swore I almost hit her.........

Eventually she gave up and put it in my arm instead and finally gave me some pain medicine through it so I could last until the anesthesiologist got out of a c-section.  After I finally got the epidural it was about 10:30am and they checked me again and I was already at 7cm dilated, and so they broke my water since it was clear that Jax was coming soon. They started to notice that his heartbeat wasn't completely steady, so they put some amni fluid back in, which helped, but he was still not in the best position. She spent about an hour or so trying to turn him into the proper position, but around 1:15pm they decided to just have me push and hopefully that would make him turn.

After about an hour of pushing he still wasn't turning, so they decided to use forceps to get him out. So, they got it all set up and had me push just a few more times, but with the forceps they were able to pull him out really easily, and at 2:38pm he was here! They immediately took him over to the heating table and tried to get him ready, but eventually the NICU nurse came over and told me that they were going to let me hold him for about 3 minutes and then they had to take him to the NICU.

My left leg was still completely numb from the epidural about 3 hours later, so they finally decided to put me into a wheelchair so they could take me to the NICU so I could see him, but it just broke my heart so I didn't stay very long. Two days later they transferred him to the Primary Children's Hospital here in SLC, and he's been there ever seen. It's been a rough rough road, but we are so in love with him. He has Kelly's eyes and mouth, and my nose and chin. He is literally perfect. Every single nurse he's had has said, "He's quite fiesty..." yup. He loves being swaddled, but the second they have to change him or do anything else he gets sooooooo upset and fights them hahah. It's cute now, but I'm sure I'll have my hands full once I bring him home.

But we love him. He's perfect.

March 10, 2017

39 weeks & losing my mind!

Well, on Wednesday I turned 39 weeks and just realized that I haven't given any kind of update on anything in over 3 weeks- so it was definitely time!

Don't get too excited - I was in the hospital, but it didn't really turn into anything. I had some bleeding and it felt like I was having pretty consistent contractions, so we decided to just go to labour and delivery and get monitored. They set me up and checked me- I was a little bit more than 2.5 centimeters, but not quite at a 3, but they put me on a monitor to check my contractions. They also monitored Jaxon because he wasn't moving much, but he eventually woke up and kept kicking the monitors haha. My contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart, but weren't strong enough to do anything, so when she came and checked me an hour later I hadn't progressed at all- so they sent me home.

As we were walking out the doctor said, "Okay Mrs. McBride- I'll see you later tonight" because she was pretty positive I'd be back soon. Well, it's the next day and nada. Nothing at all.

So, I'm basically completely over the entire thing. I've spent the last couple weeks eating all of the spicy food that I can handle, drinking the special teas, bouncing on the ball, acupressure, sex, going on super long walks, dancing, stimulation of things... every single little myth that you can find on the internet I have tried... multiple times, and nothing. And after we left the hospital yesterday we went to the mall and walked around, I ordered spicy food at the Cheesecake Factory, I came home and walked around the complex with Kelly. I woke up at 4:30 this morning so upset I hadn't gone into labor that I just walked around outside for 45 minutes.

Technically he's not due for another 5 days, so I really shouldn't be as distraught as I am about not being in labour. We have time. My next appointment is on Wednesday and if I actually make it to that appointment then we'll be scheduling my induction for about a week later- so I have a little less than two weeks left max, but I just love the idea of going into labour naturally and soon.

Jaxon is very tight in there. He moves around and I can feel literally every single thing he does. I can't really get comfortable and for whatever reason I wake up with my right arm completely numb every single morning. I'm so ready to have my body back, but mostly I'm so ready to see his little face. I'm so in love with him already, but I just can't wait to kiss him and snuggle with him.

But my mom is here and he is officially allowed to come, though he doesn't seem to care hahah. We are so ready for him. The hospital bags are in the car. The carseat is installed. We got a new bassinet for him. Every thing in ready.

Anyhooooo- enough complaining. Here's a little update.

How many weeks?: 39 weeks + 2 days.

Gender: Boy!

Names: Jaxon :)

Weight gain: Apparently I've gained 25lbs, which I've heard is a good.

Maternity clothes?: If I can bring myself to wear something else other than sweats or Kelly's shirts. 

Best moment this week: This week has been kinda rough. We got some packages from Kelly's side of the family and all of them were too sweet. 

Missing anything?: Not being pregnant.

Movement: Some days he's slower than others, but if I poke him then he'll poke me back- even if he's napping or something haha. 

Baby size: A small watermelon? It really just depends. My doctor seems to think he'll be tall probably, or he's just really stretched out. He's super low, but he's also really all up in my ribs. 

Cravings: Anything that will induce labor...

Anything making you queasy or sick?: My gag reflex is ridiculous, so anything even SLIGHTLY disgusting kills me. 

Wedding ring on or off? Off. So bummed. 

Happy or moody?: HAAAAAAAA. Don't talk to me.

Looking forward to: Getting this kid out. Seeing his little face.