February 15, 2017


First of all, how freaking adorable is his nursery? I am so obsessed with it. I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted it to be grey, white, and a light either blue/pink. I really didn't want it to be too much of a baby room, so I kind of stayed away from things that were made specifically for a nursery, but I also didn't want it to be like too mature because he is still my little baby boy. So, I kept it fairly simple and I am so in love with the simplicity and cuteness of it! Another shoutout to Shae, because I'm not kidding... 90% of the stuff in this nursery is because of her! She sent us the mobile, the blanket on the crib, the glider, the owl, the blue dog, the changing pad, and the hamper and that is just stuff that went into his nursery! So thankful to my parents for sending us the money for the dresser (which is just perfect), and to all of my aunts for the crib/mattress/crib sheet etc. Kelly and I really didn't have to pay for much out of pocket for Jaxon or for his nursery, which was incredible during this transition period.

We are officially one month (exactly 4 weeks) away from his due date- whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I am trying really hard to appreciate this last month without a baby. This is the last month of our entire lives that it will just be me and Kelly, and I am honestly going to miss that a lot. I actually really like my husband hahah and it is going to be kind of sad to be mom and dad and not just husband and wife anymore. Although, it's like really difficult to enjoy this last month when I'm as miserable as I am...

I can't get comfortable anymore. Actually- I sit in that glider almost everyday because I can't get comfortable on the couch whatsoever. I am constantly tired, but can hardly sleep. I get random shooting pains in my sides and lower stomach all the time- especially out in public so that's always fun. I live in nursing bras (when I wear one) because the wire in my regular one kills me, HA- plus when I'm sitting down Jaxon is constantly kicking it, so he hates it too hahah. And that is just tipping the surface of all of the things going on right now.

My mom comes in two weeks from tomorrow, so I need him to stay in until then ideally- but I also won't be mad at all if he decides to come early, because as much as I want my mom to be here with me I also just.... really don't want to be pregnant anymore.

The cutest thing lately though is watching Kelly. The thing about my husband is that he's very... unexpressive. While I'm over here constantly talking and posting about things that I love he really just keeps it to himself, but lately he's been so much fun to watch because he is really starting to get excited. Almost every weekend we have to spend together he is SO eager to go to any baby store that we can and just look around. He's gonna be so great!

How many weeks?: 36... holy crap.

Gender: Boy!

Names: Jaxon :)

Weight gain: They don't tell me at my appointments, which I guess means it's not a bad amount so I don't really care haha.

Maternity clothes?: aka Kelly's clothes.

Best moment this week: Today we had my appointment and he is head down & I am 1.5cm dilated and 70% effaced, so the doctor said there's a good chance I won't go overdue so THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

Missing anything?: Life before pregnancy.

Movement: All day everyday. They say they start to slow down because they run out of room, and he may have... but I feel EVERYTHING he does.

Baby size: My app says the size of a Papaya (18.7 inches and 5.73 lbs). Doctor says he feels small, but not alarmingly small- just a tiny & healthy baby!

Cravings: Slushies and stuff.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Laying on my back for even 5 seconds.

Wedding ring on or off? On ... but I think we're getting close.

Happy or moody?: HAAAAAAAA. Yeah I'm the worst. I'm so moody.

Looking forward to: My mom coming! TWO MORE WEEKS!

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