January 06, 2017


To be honest, I can hardly even believe that I am officially 30 weeks pregnant! I remember thinking that when I hit 30 weeks that I would be sooooo close, but I'm still not really haha. When I think back to 10 weeks ago when we had our anatomy scan it does not feel like that long ago, so hopefully that means that these next 10 weeks will fly by.

We are still not at all prepared for little Jaxon. We don't have a stroller or a bassinet, and honestly- I think we have one or two pacifiers. We have no diapers or anything either, and not to mention the fact that we are still in a tiny one bedroom apartment with his crib and mattress stored in boxes in the corner of our living room. We are nowhere near ready for him to come, and he is still so small that he is not ready to come either- but I am pretty dang ready to not be pregnant anymore hahaha... I hate complaining about pregnancy, I do, because I'm so grateful for it, but it's painful & I'm sick.

Kelly is officially living in SLC (by officially I mean he's sleeping on people's couches), and I am at home in Rexburg by myself. We can finally move into our apartment down there on the 23rd and honestly that CANNOT come fast enough! I am so excited to set up his nursery, and honestly... just live in the same state as Kelly again.

How many weeks?: 30!

Gender: My little boy!

Names: Jaxon :)

Weight gain: I am pretty sure I have gained about 16 right now.

Maternity clothes?: When I go out- but I spend most of the time around my house in sweatpants... and honestly, half the time I go out I'm in sweats too. It's just not worth it to put regular clothes on.

Best moment this week: This is super sad, but I'm 100% serious... I got Arby's yesterday with Shelby and it was honestly the best thing about this week. It was so freaking good.

Missing anything?: Sleep. Standing up without making weird sounds.

Movement: He has stopped moving around as much and is mostly just kicking... a lot, and hard. 

Baby size: Zucchini (15.7 inches) according to the app, but he could be different.

Cravings: Right now I just want more Arby's curly fries.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: It really depends. I couldn't tell you one thing, sometimes something I didn't mind yesterday makes me nauseous today.

Wedding ring on or off? On :) (I really haven't started swelling at all)

Happy or moody?: I'm tired. So, I mean... Both.

Looking forward to: MOVING! I am so ready to not be apart from Kelly, and to have Jaxon's nursery set up- 17 more days! 

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