October 24, 2016

20 weeks & so blessed!

When Kelly and I found out that we were pregnant this time it wasn't the typical reaction that you hear most people having when they find out. It was July 4th and on a fluke I took a cheap pregnancy test (earlier than I should've) and it was positive. We drove to the store quickly and got better ones so we could see the two lines more clearly. I saw the two lines and went to show Kelly. He hugged me and said, "That's great," and then we both just kind of went to different rooms to process it. There was no real sense in getting excited, because we knew a positive pregnancy test doesn't mean a baby.

Over the next two or three weeks I took a pregnancy test every day (I'm not joking) I had to make sure that the line was getting darker so that I knew it wasn't a chemical pregnancy like our pregnancy in April.

At our 8 week ultrasound I was so nervous that I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom perfectly. We went in and the doctor said it looked like it was going to be a great pregnancy, but he knew that given my history that chances of miscarrying were a bit higher than other people. He prescribed me progesterone which people have said helps against miscarriage, and although not guaranteed did make me feel a bit better. At 9 weeks and 4 days I found the heartbeat on my home doppler, and just like the pregnancy tests - I listened to that heartbeat every day for weeks to make sure it was still there.

My body has never done what it was supposed to do. I got pregnant on day 54 of my cycle with this baby, I have had two miscarriages, I am sick constantly (while not pregnant), I'm a mess. I have never been regular in any sense of the word, so I was beyond nervous for my ultrasound today, much more nervous than I'd like to admit.

The ultrasound itself was kind of a mess, I had to sit up and I threw up in the chair half way through, during which time Jaxon flipped completely to a less ideal position hahah what a stinker. But she told me everything was great and then we talked to the doctor... I asked about everything. I asked about my placenta - perfectly placed for either a vaginal birth or a c-section. I asked about his size - perfect for where we should be right now. I asked about my chance for a c-section based on my body - 10%. Every single question I had for him was replied with the most positive answer possible. For the first time in my life my body is doing exactly what it needs to.

After two miscarriages and trying for months unsuccessfully we have a perfectly healthy baby boy, I have never felt so blessed in my entire life and I can't stand how happy I am.

How many weeks?: 20!

Gender: ITS A BOY!

Names: Jaxon :)

Weight gain: 3-5 pounds? Something like that.

Maternity clothes?: I bought maternity leggings and jeans and you'll never see me wearing anything else. I hardly need them, but I'm just SO much more comfy.

Best moment this week: Finding out that our little boy is perfectly healthy and everything is great!

Missing anything?: Laying on my back... at all. I am instantly nauseous and in pain if I'm on my back for even 5 minutes. I fall asleep on my side, but end up laying on my back so I wake up in the night constantly in pain because for SOME REASON my body insists on moving to my back... Luckily I have a wonderful husband who volunteered to sleep on the couch so I could surround myself with pillows on the bed so I don't move.

Movement: ALL the time! You should've seen him in the ultrasound today too, he is ALL over the place and I feel him constantly! Kelly and my mom even felt him kick a few times if you press down on my stomach. SO cool!

Baby size: Banana!

Cravings: Fried foods. Candy. 

Symptoms: The back thing... it physically pains me.  

Anything making you queasy or sick?: My back hahah. The smell of eggs, well the smell of anything I've never liked the smell of, it's just worse. 

Wedding ring on or off? On :) 

Happy or moody?: OH it's a mix OOOOOH! I'm happy and thrilled about the pregnancy in general, but I'm in pain and sick a lot so I'm just upset. 

Looking forward to: I'm buying a pregnancy pillow TODAY so I'm looking forward to that coming and hopefully helping me not roll onto my back during the night so MAYBE I won't die.

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