September 06, 2016


I'M HAVING A BABY (in case our giant gold BABY balloons weren't clear). 
To be honest, I would say "I can't believe it," but after a year plus of the crap that we've been through, I can believe it- and I'm so grateful that it's finally happening. 

It's been a long 9 weeks let me tell you! I have actually been very fortunate as far as pregnancy symptoms go, I was only sick for two or three weeks and I've felt great since about 10 weeks along. I got a doppler and I've heard the heartbeat every day since 9 weeks + 4 days and that has given me so much peace of mind (if you're in Rexburg and want to borrow it - I encourage it). 

It's just been long because it's been a lot of "I hope it works out." I tried really hard to stay positive from the minute I got my first positive, but it's a lot harder than it sounds. But we made it- my little baby is 13 weeks, so here's a tiny little summary on how things are!

How many weeks?: 13!

Gender Prediction: I have always thought I was going to have my little girl first and we always talk about her, but the farther I get into the pregnancy- the less I care! As long as I get to keep this one. We find out SEPTEMBER 30th!!!!! 

Names: We have had our boy and girl names picked out since we were dating (not even engaged yet). Here's a hint: The boy's first name is Patrick (that's Kelly's first name... but he goes by his middle name, just like our little boy will). 

Weight gain: Like maybe one pound.

Maternity clothes?: I wear this maternity sweater that I bought, not because I have to, but it's comfy as crap. 

Best moment this week: I saw the baby again today! It was kicking around and stuff, so cute.

Missing anything?: Not really hahah. I kinda miss having the energy to constantly have a clean house, but there's a chance I'm just subconsciously using the pregnancy as an excuse. 

Movement: The little one is moving around a lot, but I just can't feel it.

Baby size: Kiwi

Cravings: It depends on the day really. I craved steak for the first like 3 weeks and now I hate it. But every time Kelly goes to the gas station he gets me a Twix because I'm always down for that.

Symptoms: I get headaches and I'm tired all the time, but nothing else really. I've been super lucky!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I cooked some ground beef the other day and I think I almost died.

Wedding ring on or off? On :) I hope I can keep this bad boy on for a long time, it's pretty, plus it kind of helps make this baby look like it wasn't an accident. 

Happy or moody?: Hahahaha let me just say- my husband is a very patient man. I didn't cry for 20 minutes because the characters in Friends aren't real, shut up.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender and spending our savings account on decor and clothes.


  1. I love this idea of having a list of questions to answer!! Where'd you get that idea? I feel like my blogs are going to go downhill quick with my random rambling! So sosososo happy for you guys though! And excited to hear about the gender! Yayy! :D

    1. I saw some Blogger's that I made templates for do it and I was like DIBS I'm taking that too haha! Feel free to steal my questions ;) It makes the blogging about it so much easier haha! And THANK YOU! I've been dying to hear yours! Idk how you're keeping it a secret!

    2. Right on - I was hoping you'd say that ;) I'll most definitely be stealing it for this weeks update!! So cute! And oh my goodness it's eating me ALIVE! I definitely recommend telling us all as soon as you know :) haha

  2. I love this! You are so... REAL! Also, I cry over Friends all the time, and I'm not even preggers. Ha! Excited for the next update xx