September 24, 2016

it's a .... whaaaat?!

To be honest, I'm not even the slightest bit surprised by the gender of my little baby. I mentioned in my last pregnancy update that I had always felt that I was meant to have a little girl first, but that I didn't really care what it was- what I didn't mention is that suddenly I was 100% sure I wasn't having a girl. I knew pretty early on in fact that this baby was a boy. I have no idea why I knew that, probably because I was just suddenly more okay with it then I had been in the past.

Whatever the reason may be, I knew it without a doubt.

How many weeks?: 17!

Gender Prediction: ITS A BOY!

Names: The day I met Kelly he mentioned that he loved the name Jaxon for a little boy, and that day I decided I was going to name my son that too, and then we got married hahaha. We've both had it picked out since April 2014. Kelly's dad, grandpa, and Kelly himself all have the first name Patrick, but go by their middle names, so his name is Patrick Jaxon, but will go by Jaxon (Jax).

Weight gain: Nurse said none, but wasn't worried at all.

Maternity clothes?: I still wear that sweater I love, but I still don't need it really at all. I can't tell if I'm sad about not having a bump or not.

Best moment this week: My ultrasound was less than a week ago, so I guess that.

Missing anything?: I miss not getting sick constantly. 

Movement: I think every once in a while I feel something going on, but not nearly enough to be like 'it's the baby!' 

Baby size: Pomegranate! 

Cravings: We've realized that anything I see on TV I suddenly need like right that second.

Symptoms: I just get sick really easily, I've had a cold for like a week. 

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Random things here and there that I just can't deal with.

Wedding ring on or off? On :) 

Happy or moody?: I have gotten better and I haven't cried over crazy irrational things in a while. I cried the other day listening to Christmas music (I'm not sorry for listening to it so early), but I do that when I'm not pregnant. I just love Christmas. 

Looking forward to: I'm having a super early baby shower at home in Canada in like 9 days and I am stoooooked! If you're from home, PLEASE come- you don't have to get me a present, I just want to see your purty faces.  

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