December 30, 2015

here's to 2016!

First of all, I literally cannot even fathom the fact that it's going to be 2016 in less than two days! My mind is just beyond blown. It's been quite a year though, I'll tell you that. Here's just a brief summary:

- pregnancy
- miscarriage
- new apartment
- like five different hair colours
- i turned 22
- kelly turned 24
- went to school
- started working full-time
- went on a cruise
- started a business
- and basically just overall rocked it!

I loved this year! Don't get me wrong, it was easily one of the most difficult years of my life if not the worse. Nothing about losing a baby is happy- nothing. I started a business and worked on it while going to school and working, and then worked full-time trying to run it and work on that one too! Kelly had a total of about 6 jobs throughout the year. It was usually that he'd settle for a job and then find another one and quit, or just the fact that he refferee's for Sugar City and Rexburg throughout the year. It's been rough.

Our new apartment is awesome though. Our first apartment was awful and we lived there for almost the entire first half of the year. It was just the tiniest little thing, it was great for about two months before we felt super cramped and just had to get out of there! We scored with our apartment though.

One thing I want to say about 2015 though was we were so freaking blessed all of the time. Looking back there were so many moments that I have no idea how we could afford rent, or food, or medical bills. I have no idea how I got through some of our hard times with any dignity left. Heavenly Father was there through every single moment of this year, good or bad, and we felt Him so strongly through all of it! So freaking blessed.

So, here's to 2016!

Here's a brief summary of our goals combined for 2016!

- Have a baby (#1)
- Read the scriptures every single night
- Finish the Book of Mormon at least once
- Pray constantly
- Find Kelly a job for when he graduates
- Eat out much less
- Expand my business
- Increase our Savings
- Pay tithing the minute we get a paycheck, EVERY time!

I also have a lot of personal goals I want to get accomplished. I'm really tired of hearing 'New Year, New Me' but this could be such a great year! First of all, it's going to be my second full year of being married to my stud muffin. Second of all, anything could happen! Kelly's graduating, we're trying to get pregnant again, we might move to Canada (please!!!)


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