August 02, 2015

get to know ME!

Well, I told myself that once I reached 100 sales on Etsy that I would make a post listing 50 facts about me so that people knew a little about who they were buying from!

So, here's 50 facts about me.

  1. I was in French Immersion for 9 years.
  2. I was baptized in French.
  3. I only knew my husband 7 months before we got married. 
  4. I literally have a passion for dying my hair.
  5. I have every episode of Friends memorized.
  6. One of my future children's middle names is Chandler.
  7. I still buy CDs and vinyls even if I never listen to them.
  8. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks pregnant.
  9. I am almost always sick in some way or another.
  10. I married one of the hardest working men in the world.
  11. I don't like going to movies, but I go all the time for the popcorn.
  12. I know the first and middle names of my first boy and girl.
  13. We've had those names picked out since before we were engaged.
  14. My favourite singer is Lights, and I mean- I am obsessed with her.
  15. I've seen her live 7 times and met her 5 of those. 
  16. I was attracted to brunettes all my life, but married a blonde (and he's sexy).
  17. My kitchen is almost always in tip-top shape.
  18. I love 80s music.
  19. I put wax in my warmers like 3 times a day.
  20. I had bright Ariel hair once and I miss it everyday. 
  21. I am IN LOVE with Christmas & everything about it.
  22. I listen to Christmas music all year and decorate November 1st.
  23. I have terrible circulation in my hands and feet.
  24. I hate jewelry and I usually just play with it until I break it.
  25. I get serious anxiety when I have to talk on the phone.
  26. I would wear cardigans and combat boots all year if I could.
  27. I also wish pumpkin was an all year thing.
  28. My dream job is working in criminology. 
  29. I changed my major to web design so I could work while being a mom.
  30. I love tanning beds.
  31. I love Monster Energy Drinks.
  32. I need to have a blanket on me even if it's hot.
  33. I can type 100wpm and that's how I got the job I have now.
  34. Last Christmas was the first in 5 years that I wasn't in Florida for it.
  35. I've been on two cruises and a third this December. 
  36. I took a year off of school to work and save for college.
  37. I spent 90% of that money I saved on concerts (mostly Lights)
  38. I find making lists and checking things off so satisfying & I do it for everything.
  39. I order pasta at restaurants about 99% of the time.
  40. I have a huge crush on Eminem.
  41. I still get butterflies EVERY TIME I see my husband.
  42. I have to make a legit digital floor plan before I rearrange or buy new furniture.
  43. My favourite smoothies have both carrot and orange in them.
  44. I wanted to wait 2 years to get pregnant after I got married until I met my husband.
  45. I plan everything and I kind of freak out if that plan changes.
  46. I really don't like Halloween at all. 
  47. My favourite colour changes like 5 times a month.
  48. I have three younger brothers and one is on a mission in Barbados. 
  49. I hate hate hate flying.
  50. I spent a month in Qatar and a week in Nepal for my birthday in 2012.


  1. LOVED reading these things about you.

  2. love these sort of posts as it lets us get to know you a wee bit better,fab post hunni x