June 25, 2015

The Value in Planning

If you have ever made plans for your life then you'll be able to concur with me that they hardly ever work out the way that you plan them and so it can be really hard in even bothering to make plans for your life. For example, when we got pregnant we had all of these plans for what was going to happen for the next year and a half and all of those plans had to do with me being a stay-at-home mom and how that was going to work. We were very happy with our plans and excited for our future.

Now we have new plans. We have plans for when we want to have a baby, where we want to live next semester, what we see ourselves in five years- but the truth is; probably not one of those plans will actually work out the way that we want and have planned.

So, why should be bother making plans if they don't work out?

  • Gives you something to base your decisions around. When we found out we were pregnant we made all of the necessary decisions based around what we were going to do when the baby came. There was very few questions about what choice we should make- we could ask ourselves "Does this decision help us get closer to our goal?" and if the answer was yes, we'd do it.
  • It keeps you sane. One of the hardest parts about having a miscarriage was not knowing when I would get to experience it again! Now we have a plan for babies and there is peace! Sometimes we want something really badly and the only way to relieve that undying impatience for that thing is to make a plan for when you'll get it and how! Having a plan for when you will get what you want (even if deep down you know it probably won't happen in that timeframe) will give you a sense of peace. 
  • Having a goal is important! We should always be working toward something in this life, and if we don't have plans then what are we working toward? We should be trying to make ourselves better. Even if your goal is to have three kids and a steady job and you don't have a time frame set for it, you'll still be able to do everything you can and work hard so that one day that can be a reality.
The most important step in making plans is to be realistic and to understand that just because they don't work out the way you'd hope does not mean it's not better.

I could tell you so many stories of when things didn't work out the way that I wanted and it ended up working out SO much better in ways that I never would have imagined for myself. Being open minded and having faith in Heavenly Father will allow you to make worthy plans that will eventually lead us toward Him and His kingdom, but will also give us the faith to keep going when things don't go the way you want. 

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