June 20, 2015

Father's Day


a. male whose sperm unites with an egg, producing an embryo.
b. male whose impregnation of a female results in the birth of a child.

What's great about the world wide web is that you can go searching for the definition of something that you mean to be amazingly inspired and come out with a way too descriptive explanation. Medically speaking, a father is "a male whose sperm united with an egg" and "a male whose impregnation of a female results in the birth of a child." I was just one egg that my dad helped to make into an embryo, and I was just a child as a result of impregnation, but I have so many more father's in my life than just the one who medically is my father.

First, I have a Heavenly Father. This is the father that literally watches over me every day of my life and wants the very best for me, because that's what a father does. He does everything He can to make it possible for me to return to live with Him, because He truly is a father and He misses me and all of His other children. Because of my Heavenly Father I am living and have this amazing Gospel in my life that gives me knowledge of Him and the Atonement.

Second, I have my actual father. Whatta stud. My mom always tells me the story of how my dad knew I was going to be a girl before she did, so he was so excited and brought home a case of pink diapers to tell her I was going to be a girl, and since that day he's made sure that I was a daddy's girl. He made it impossible for me not to be. He watched out for me in every single aspect of my life. He gave me the gift of straightening pictures in public places when they're crooked, and the gift of knowing how to make websites. Because of my father I knew the exact type of man I wanted to marry, I had such a great example of a father and because of him I found the man I married, whom he quickly approved of- because, Kelly likes ABBA.

Before I talk about the third father I have in my life I want to tell you a story: Before I got married I was always the girl who said "I want to be married for at least two years before I have a baby. I want to be a wife before I'm a mother. I want to be a mother- but way in the future." Now most of you know that I got pregnant when I was married for less than 6 months.

Because of the third man in my life that I already consider a father: my husband. We were married for about a mother before I decided that I wanted to have a baby really early on in our marriage, because from the second I met Patrick Kelly McBride I saw the potential of an amazing father. Kelly had fulfilled the first "medical" aspect of a father and put a little baby inside of me and we were so excited. I was SO excited to celebrate this Father's Day with him considering him a father, because for a whole this day has been very painful for him. I was so excited to buy him chocolates and different things that you give to dad's. I was going to give him a present from the baby.

Well, we don't have that baby anymore and this Father's Day is super rough all around. Everybody says that the moment a woman gets pregnant she becomes a mother, but I've considered Kelly a father to my baby for a long time. I believe that his potential to be a great father one day should be celebrated today, because I am so grateful that I married a man who is so capable of being everything I've ever wanted for my children.

I love all of the father's in my life so much and I am the person that I am today because each one of them has played a significant part in my life. 

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